Januari 06, 2012

Never get stop.

five days already, I tried to dancing. express my own self.. it's  getting me upset when I  look out myself in the mirror. who the fuck I am?

Dumbo, has always inspired me. saw him dancing, like take me to another situation. gave me a great spirit, to always try, and believe in myself that I can do.
when I know everything is just like a dream, I began to hate myself. hate what I do. and I heard my heart scream out, saying "if you can't, forget everything you do. JUST STOP!"

then I sat down, then  put my body on the floor. take a  breath and think about everything for a moment. and I  laughed .. oh shit ..  hahaha, all such as diary of a melodramatic fool!


but now, I think. if you want to be what you want, do as best you can. at least you've tried so hard, so that someday there's no meaningful remorse when you realize you have failed.

thank you so much, DUMBO. thank you for keeping my spirit alive :*.


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