Juli 08, 2011

haha, nganggur banget siang ini.. no working, no mention, no.. nothing fun. that's my daily on my fuckin' holiday. and i was said, hollyshit. *sooooo nonsense LOL!

without anything on my mind, i tried so hard to make a picture with my photo and my besties. her names Sicca. and i got this tutorial from my twitter friend. and i don't even know who's she with her name. haha, lame.
it might be same picture and same concept with her. but, i thought there's some differences on it. but ya, whatever.. ahaha, if she said to me that it same, i'll answer..

"you created yours, i create mine." :) so stop this shit. *if this accident happen only.* LOL!

hope you like my editting, if you want to gimme opinion just click comment. <3 :*

hahha, okay buddies.. thats all. just two but need for about 1/2 hours to finished all. thank you for reading.. coming back 'kay. muach*

Ossy :)

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